Canon 0020C003 Digital Camera User Manual

You can select an AF method to suit the shooting conditions and your
subject. The following AF methods are provided: [u(face)+Tracking],
[FlexiZone - Multi] (p.220), and [FlexiZone - Single] (p.222).
If you want to achieve precise focus, set the lens focus mode switch to
<MF>, magnify the image, and focus manually (p.228).
Select the AF method.
Under the [A] tab, select [AF
Select the desired AF method, then
press <0>.
While the Live View image is
displayed, you can also press the
<Q> button to select the AF method
on the Quick Control screen (p.208).
The camera detects and focuses on human faces. If a face moves, the
AF point <p> also moves to track the face.
Display the Live View image.
Press the <A> button.
The Live View image will appear on
the LCD monitor.
Select an AF point.
When a face is detected, the AF point
<p> will appear over the face to be
focused on.
Using AF to Focus (AF Method)
Selecting the AF Method
If [AF operation] is set to [Servo AF], the AF point will turn blue when
focus is achieved (p.216). The beeper will not sound in this case.
In the <5> and <C> modes, Servo AF is set automatically and when
focus is achieved, the AF point will turn blue and the beeper will sound.