Canon 0020C003 Digital Camera User Manual

With a PictBridge printer, you can easily
print images with DPOF.
1 Prepare to print.
See page 334.
Follow the “Connecting the Camera to a Printer” procedure up to step 5.
2 Under the [x1] tab, select [Print order].
3 Select [Print].
[Print] will be displayed only if the camera is connected to a
printer and printing is possible.
4 Set the [Paper settings] (p.336).
Set the printing effects (p.338) if necessary.
5 Select [OK].
W Direct Printing of Print-Ordered Images
Before printing, be sure to set the paper size.
Certain printers cannot imprint the file number.
If [Bordered] is set, certain printers may imprint the date on the border.
Depending on the printer, the date may appear faint if it is imprinted on a
bright background or on the border.
Under [Adjust levels], [Manual] cannot be selected.
If you stopped the printing and want to resume printing the remaining images,
select [
]. Note that printing will not resume if any of the following occurs.
You changed the print order or deleted any of the print ordered images
before resuming the printing.
When index is set, you changed the paper setting before resuming the
The card’s remaining capacity was low when you paused the printing.
If a problem occurs during printing, see page 342.