Canon 0020C003 Digital Camera User Manual

3 Menu Function Settings
If you want to keep the focus at a specific point, or if you do not
want the lens operation noise to be recorded, you can temporarily
stop Movie Servo AF as follows. When you stop Movie Servo AF,
the AF point will turn gray. When you perform the same steps
below, Movie Servo AF will resume.
Press the <D> button.
Tap the [P] icon on the lower left of the screen.
If [10: Shutter/AE lock button] is set to [2: AF/AF lock, no AE
lock] in the [54: Custom Functions (C.Fn)], you can pause the
Movie Servo AF while holding down the <A> button. When you
let go of the <A> button, Movie Servo AF will resume.
When Movie Servo AF is paused, if you return to movie shooting
after pressing the <M> or <x> button, Movie Servo AF will
When [Disable] is set:
Press the shutter button halfway to focus.
Cautions When [Movie Servo AF] is Set to [Enable]
Shooting Conditions that Make Focusing Difficult
• A fast-moving subject approaching or moving away from the camera.
• A subject moving at a close distance in front of the camera.
• Also see “Shooting Conditions that Make Focusing Difficult” on page
Movie Servo AF will pause during zooming or in magnified view.
During movie shooting, if a subject approaches or moves away or if the
camera is moved vertically or horizontally (panning), the recorded movie
image may momentarily expand or contract (change in image