Canon 0020C003 Digital Camera User Manual

The LCD monitor is a touch-sensitive panel that you can operate with
your fingers.
Quick Control (Sample display)
Use your finger to tap on (touch
briefly and then remove your finger
from) the LCD monitor.
By tapping, you can select menus,
icons, etc., displayed on the LCD
When touch-screen operation is
possible, a frame will appear around
the icon (except on menu screens).
For example, when you tap on [Q],
the Quick Control screen appears. By
tapping on [2], you can return to the
preceding screen.
Operations possible by tapping on the screen
Setting menu functions after pressing the <M> button
Quick Control
Setting functions after pressing the <B>, <g>, <S>, <WB>,
<XA>, <YQi>, or <Zf> button
Touch shutter during Live View shooting
Setting functions during Live View shooting
Setting functions during movie shooting
Playback operations
d Using the Touch Screen