Canon 0020C003 Digital Camera User Manual

If you turn on the power switch and the date/time/zone setting
screen appears, see page 44 to set the date/time/zone.
<k> : The camera turns on. You can
shoot movies (p.234).
<1> : The camera turns on. You can
shoot still photos.
<2> : The camera is turned off and
does not operate. Set to this
position when not using the
Whenever you set the power switch to <1> or <2>, sensor
cleaning will be executed automatically. (A small sound may be
heard.) During the sensor cleaning, the LCD monitor will display
You can still shoot during sensor cleaning by pressing the shutter
button halfway (p.52) to stop cleaning and take a picture.
If you repeatedly turn the power switch <1>/<2> at a short
interval, the <f> icon may not be displayed. This is normal and
not a malfunction.
To save battery power, the camera turns off automatically after
approx. 30 seconds of non-operation. To turn on the camera again,
just press the shutter button halfway (p.52).
You can change the auto power off time with [52: Auto power off]
Turning on the Power
Automatic Sensor Cleaning
3 Auto Power Off
If you set the power switch to <2> while an image is being recorded to
the card, [Recording...] will be displayed and the power will turn off after the
recording finishes.