Canon 0020C003 Digital Camera User Manual

Troubleshooting Guide
If the camera is connected to a computer, printer, GPS receiver, TV
set, or other device with a cable, Wi-Fi cannot be set ([51: Wi-Fi/NFC]
will be grayed out). Disconnect the cable before changing any settings.
For details, refer to the Wi-Fi/NFC Function Instruction Manual.
Set the <R> switch to the left (lock release, p.55).
Check the setting for [13: Multi function lock] under [54: Custom
Functions (C.Fn).] (p.359).
Check if your finger is blocking the speaker (p.26).
If there is dust on top of the eyepiece cover (p.367), the LCD monitor
may not turn on or may suddenly turn off, due to incorrect operation of
the display-off sensor. If this occurs, remove the dust.
If the LCD monitor does not turn on with Eyepiece Extender EP-EX15ll
(sold separately) or Magnifier MG-Ef (sold separately) attached to the
viewfinder, set [52: LCD auto off] to [Disable] (p.285).
Wi-Fi cannot be set.
Operation Problems
I cannot change the setting with the <6> dial or <5> dial.
During touch screen operations, the beeper suddenly
sounds softer.
Display Problems
The LCD monitor does not turn on or suddenly turns off.