Canon 0020C003 Digital Camera User Manual

Troubleshooting Guide
If the number of images recorded on the card exceeds the number the
camera can display, [###] will be displayed (p.299).
If the LCD monitor is dirty, use a soft cloth to clean it.
In low or high temperatures, the LCD monitor display may seem slow
or may look black. It will return to normal at room temperature.
[Eye-Fi settings] will appear only when an Eye-Fi card is inserted in
the camera. If the Eye-Fi card has a write-protect switch set to the
LOCK position, you will not be able to check the card’s connection
status or disable Eye-Fi transmission (p.368).
It is the highlight alert (p.324). Overexposed areas with clipped
highlight will blink.
If the image is protected, it cannot be erased (p.316).
Movies edited with a computer cannot be played back with the camera.
[###] is displayed.
The LCD monitor does not display a clear image.
[Eye-Fi settings] does not appear.
Playback Problems
Part of the image blinks in black.
The image cannot be erased.
The movie cannot be played back.