Canon 0020C003 Digital Camera User Manual

N Cropping JPEG Images
Moving the Cropping Frame
Press the <W> <X> or <Y> <Z> keys.
The cropping frame will move up, down, left, or right.
You can also touch the cropping frame and drag it to the desired
Rotating the Cropping Frame Orientation
Press the <B> button.
The cropping frame will switch between the vertical and horizontal
orientations. This enables you to create a vertical image from a
horizontal one, and vice versa.
Display the cropped image in the
full view.
Press the <Q> button.
You can see the cropped image.
To return to the original display, press
the <Q> button again.
Save the image.
Press <0> and select [OK] to save
the cropped image.
Check the destination folder and
image file number, then select [OK].
To crop another image, repeat steps 2
to 5.
To return to the menu, press the
<M> button.
You cannot crop an image that has already been cropped.
You cannot apply a Creative filter or resizing to a cropped image.