Canon 0020C003 Digital Camera User Manual

You can customize a Picture Style by adjusting individual parameters
such as [Sharpness] and [Contrast]. To see the resulting effects, take
test shots. To customize [Monochrome], see page 139.
Press the <XA> button.
The Picture Style selection screen will
Select a Picture Style.
Select a Picture Style, then press the
<B> button.
Select a parameter.
Select a parameter such as
[Sharpness], then press <0>.
Set the parameter.
Press the <Y> <Z> keys to adjust
the parameter as desired, then press
Press the <M> button to save the
adjusted parameters. The Picture
Style selection screen will reappear.
Any parameter settings different from
the default will be displayed in blue.
A Customizing a Picture StyleK
By selecting [Default set.] in step 3, you can revert the parameter
settings of the respective Picture Style to its default.
To shoot with the Picture Style you adjusted, follow step 2 on page 135 to
select the adjusted Picture Style, then shoot.