Canon 0020C003 Digital Camera User Manual

Safety Precautions
Do not use or store the product inside a car under the hot sun or near a heat source.
The product may become hot and cause skin burns. Doing so may also cause battery
leakage or explosion, which will degrade the performance or shorten the life of the
Do not carry the camera around when it is attached to a tripod. Doing so may cause
injury. Also make sure the tripod is sturdy enough to support the camera and lens.
Do not leave the product in a low-temperature environment for an extended period of
time. The product will become cold and may cause injury when touched.
Never play the provided CD-ROM in a drive that is not compatible with the CD-ROM.
If you use it in a music CD player, you may damage the speakers and other
components. When using headphones, there is also a risk of injury to your ears from
excessively loud volume.
Follow the cautions below. Otherwise, physical
injury or property damage may result.