Canon 0020C003 Digital Camera User Manual

With a commercially-available Eye-Fi card already set up, you can
automatically transfer captured images to a computer or upload them to
an online service via a wireless LAN.
The image transfer is a function of the Eye-Fi card. For instructions on
how to set up and use the Eye-Fi card or to troubleshoot any image
transfer problems, refer to the Eye-Fi card’s instruction manual or
contact the card manufacturer.
The camera is not guaranteed to support Eye-Fi card functions
(including wireless transfer). In case of a problem with an Eye-
Fi card, please check with the card manufacturer. Also note
that approval is required to use Eye-Fi cards in many countries
or regions. Without approval, use of the card is not permitted.
If it is unclear whether the card has been approved for use in
your area, please check with the card manufacturer.
Insert an Eye-Fi card (p.39).
Select [Eye-Fi settings].
Under the [51] tab, select [Eye-Fi
settings], then press <0>.
This menu is displayed only when an
Eye-Fi card is inserted into the
Enable Eye-Fi transmission.
Select [Eye-Fi trans.], then press
Select [Enable], then press <0>.
If you set [Disable], there will be no
automatic transmission even with the
Eye-Fi card inserted (transmission
status icon I).
Display the connection information.
Select [Connection info.], then press
H Using Eye-Fi Cards