Canon 0020C003 Digital Camera User Manual

B: Shooting Information Display
Shooting information display
Detailed information
* When you shoot in [1+73] image quality, the 1 file size will be displayed.
* During flash photography without flash exposure compensation, <0> will be
*<M> will be displayed for images shot with Multi Shot Noise Reduction.
* For still photos taken during movie shooting, <G> will be displayed.
* If a Creative filter or resizing is applied to the image and then saved, <u> will
be displayed.
* For cropped images, <u> and <N> will be displayed.
Exposure compensation amount
Shutter speed
Shooting mode
ISO speed
Shooting date and time
Image-recording quality
Histogram (Brightness/RGB)
White balance
White balance correction
Highlight tone priority
Metering mode
Flash exposure compensation
amount /
Multi Shot Noise Reduction
Picture Style/Settings
Auto Lighting
Scroll bar
File size
If the image was taken by another camera, certain shooting information may
not be displayed.