Canon 0020C003 Digital Camera User Manual

3 Menu Operations
Example: When [Multi Shot
Noise Reduction] is set
Dimmed menu items cannot be set. The
menu item is dimmed if another function
setting is overriding it.
You can see the overriding function by
selecting the dimmed menu item and
pressing <0>.
If you cancel the overriding function’s
setting, the dimmed menu item will
become settable.
Dimmed Menu Items
In step 2, you can also turn the <6> dial to select a menu tab. In step
4, you can also turn the <5> dial to select certain settings.
In steps 2 to 5, you can also use the LCD monitor’s touch screen (p.62).
The explanation of menu functions hereinafter assumes that you have
pressed the <M> button to display the menu screen.
To cancel, press the <M> button.
For details about each menu item, see page 378.
Some dimmed menu items will not show the overriding function.
With [Clear all camera settings] under [54: Clear settings], you can reset
the menu functions to the default settings (p.282).