Canon 0020C003 Digital Camera User Manual

k Shooting Movies
You can display the electronic level by pressing the <B> button
(p.70). Note that if the AF method is set to [u+Tracking] or the camera
is connected to a TV set with a cable, the electronic level cannot be
The electronic level, grid lines, or histogram cannot be displayed during
movie shooting. (The display will disappear when you start shooting a
When movie shooting starts, the movie shooting remaining time will
change to the elapsed time.
Cautions for Movie Shooting
Do not point the camera toward an intense light source, such as the sun
or an intense artificial light source. Doing so may damage the image
sensor or the camera’s internal components.
If <Q> is set and the ISO speed or aperture changes during movie
shooting, the white balance may also change.
If you shoot a movie under fluorescent or LED lighting, the movie may
Zooming the lens during movie shooting is not recommended. Zooming
the lens can cause changes in the exposure regardless of whether the
lens’s maximum aperture changes or not. Exposure changes may be
recorded as a result.
You cannot magnify the image during movie shooting.
Be careful not to cover the built-in microphones (p.234) with your finger,
General Movie Shooting Cautions are on pages 268-269.
If necessary, also read the General Live View Shooting Cautions on
pages 230-231.
Do not hold the camera in the same position for long periods of time.
Even if the camera does not feel too hot, prolonged contact with the same
body part may cause skin redness, blistering or low-temperature contact
burns. Using a tripod is recommended for people with circulation problems
or very sensitive skin, or when using the camera in very hot places.