Canon 0020C003 Digital Camera User Manual

EOS DIGITAL Solution Disk
Various software for EOS DIGITAL cameras are contained
on the EOS DIGITAL Solution Disk.
With the camera connected to a computer, EOS Utility enables you to
transfer still photos and movies shot with the camera to the computer.
You can use this software to set various camera settings and shoot
remotely from the computer connected to the camera. Also, you can
copy background music tracks, such as EOS Sample Music
, to the
* You can use the background music as the soundtrack for a video snapshot
album, movie, or slide show played back with your camera.
This software is recommended for users who shoot RAW images. You
can view, edit, and print RAW images and JPEG images.
* Some functions differ between the version to be installed on a 64-bit computer
and that to be installed on a 32-bit computer.
You can edit Picture Styles, and create and save original Picture Style
files. This software is aimed at advanced users who are experienced in
processing images.
Software Overview
EOS Utility
Digital Photo Professional
Picture Style Editor