Canon 0020C003 Digital Camera User Manual

3 Setting the FlashK
When you use the built-in flash or an
external, EX-series Speedlite compatible
with flash function settings, you can
press the <D> button to directly display
the [Built-in flash settings] or [External
flash func. setting] screen without first
displaying the menu screen.
With built-in flash
Press the <D> button twice.
The built-in flash will be raised.
Press the button again to display the
[Built-in flash settings] screen.
With external Speedlite
Press the <D> button.
With the external Speedlite turned on,
press the <D> button to display the
[External flash func. setting]
Displaying the Flash Function Setting Screen Directly
When you press the <D> button to display the flash function setting
screen, you cannot set [Flash firing], [E-TTL II meter.], [Flash sync.
speed in Av mode], or [External flash C.Fn setting]. Set these
functions with [z1: Flash control] instead.
If [Flash firing] is set to [Disable] and you press the <D> button, the
[z1: Flash control] screen will appear.