Canon 0020C003 Digital Camera User Manual

A Fully Automatic Shooting (Scene Intelligent Auto)
The beeper continues to beep softly. (The focus indicator <o>
does not light up.)
It indicates that the camera is focusing continuously on a moving
subject. (The focus indicator <o> does not light up.) You can take
sharp pictures of a moving subject.
Note that the focus lock (p.79) will not work in this case.
Pressing the shutter button halfway does not focus on the
If the focus mode switch on the lens is set to <MF> (manual focus),
set it to <AF> (autofocus).
The flash fired even though it was daylight.
For a backlit subject, the flash may fire to help lighten the subject’s
dark areas. If you do not want the flash to fire, use the Quick Control
to set [Flash firing] to [b] (p.98) or set the <7> (Flash Off) mode
and shoot (p.81).
The flash fired and the picture came out extremely bright.
Move further from the subject and shoot. When shooting flash
photography, if the subject is too close to the camera, the picture
may come out extremely bright (overexposure).
In low light, the built-in flash fired a series of flashes.
Pressing the shutter button halfway may trigger the built-in flash to
fire a series of flashes to assist autofocusing. This is called the AF-
assist beam. Its effective range is approx. 4 meters/13.1 feet. The
built-in flash will make a sound when firing continuously. This is
normal and not a malfunction.
When flash was used, the bottom part of the picture came out
unnaturally dark.
The shadow of the lens barrel was captured in the picture because
the subject was too close to the camera. Move further away from the
subject and shoot. If a hood is attached to the lens, remove it before
taking the flash picture.