Canon 0020C003 Digital Camera User Manual

Using AF to Focus (AF Method)
You can use up to 49 AF points for wide-area focusing (automatic
selection). This wide area can also be divided into 9 zones for focusing
(zone selection).
Display the Live View image.
Press the <A> button.
The Live View image will appear on
the LCD monitor.
Select the AF point.J
Pressing <0> or the <L> button will
toggle between automatic selection
and zone selection. In Basic Zone
modes, automatic selection is set
Use the <W> <X> or <Y> <Z> keys
to select a zone. To return to the
center zone, press <0> or the <L>
button again.
You can also tap on the LCD monitor
screen to select a zone. When a zone
is selected, tap [n] on the screen
to switch to automatic selection.
FlexiZone - Multi:
If you press <0> or the <L> button, the AF point <z> will appear at
the center and you can use the <W> <X> or <Y> <Z> keys to move
the AF point.
Since AF is not possible with a face detected near the edge of the
picture, the <p> will be grayed out. If you press the shutter button
halfway, the subject will be focused on, in FlexiZone - Multi method with
automatic selection.
Area frame