Canon 0020C003 Digital Camera User Manual

In the <2>, <3>, <4>, <5>, and <C> Basic Zone modes, you can
shoot with the settings matching the lighting or scene type. Normally,
[e Default setting] is adequate, but if the settings match the lighting
condition or scene, the picture will look more accurate to your eyes.
For Live View shooting, if you set both [Light/scene-based shots] and
[Ambience-based shots] (p.100), you should first set [Light/scene-
based shots]. This will make it easier to see the resulting effect on the
LCD monitor.
Set the Mode Dial to any of the
following modes: <2>, <3>,
<4>, <5>, or <8>.
For <8>, set it to <C>.
Display the Live View image.
Press the <A> button to display the
Live View image.
Shoot by Lighting or Scene Type
Lighting or Scene 2 3 4 5
e Default setting
k k k k k
f Daylight
k k k k k
g Shade
k k k k k
h Cloudy
k k k k k
i Tungsten light
k k k k
j Fluorescent light
k k k k
r Sunset
k k k k k